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For floors that crosses the generations


Parquet Selvon

The installation of a new parquet floor in your home demands a thorough reflection that is not limited to aesthetic criteria.


Indeed, it is the quality of the floor that determines the methods of installation, the way in which the floor will be prepared, the type of support and fastenings to be provided, etc.


In other words, choosing one floor rather than another has consequences in terms of costs (installation, floor preparation, etc.), but also in terms of durability.


Inorder for a parquet passes through the generations, your choice cannot be summed up with a blow of heart in front of a sample fixed on the shelf of a showroom.


Pose et rénovation de parquets

The refinishing of a wooden floor , whether solid wood or engineering flooring is not just a rough sanding followed by a varnishing.


The Sanding must be done by a professional for a quality result without failures. It also .requires experience and also appropriate tools.


This is why we never use rental machines. We have our own machines which are maintained regularly to obtain a optimal result when sanding.


While it is true that an individual can save money by renting professional equipment, this is not a good idea because we no longer count clients who use us to recover their sanding errors.


Finishings, like varnishing and oiling on the other hand also requires know-how and experience for a result without air bubbles, without grooves and other unsightly defects which require significant costs to be taken back.


For a wooden floor refinishing or new installation, there are several points to consider before making a choice.

We will guide you in your choices so that your parquet lasts in time.

Even if you are in the planning phase, do not hesitate to send us an email to ask for advice, because a well-studied and planned work will turn into a successful success.


ParquetDUST CONTROL is a dust containment system. It is a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner to which all our sanding and sawing machines are connected.to.

The DUST CONTROL collects wood dust and treats it through a 2-step intake system, clean with a HEPA filter.

  • Step 1: Captures the largest and heaviest particles;
  • Step 2: The machine picks up the remaining fine dust.

Wood dust can then be bagged safely and removed without contaminating the work site.

The Dustcontrol will vacuum 99% of the dust.